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Learning To Love

There are those lessons in life that you have to examine and wonder, “did I get that right?” Or, those “a-ha” moments that cause you to...

The Fruit of Aplomb

No that’s not a spelling error. Aplomb is defined as : a·plomb noun: aplomb self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding...

I'm Done With You

There have been several times in my life that I believed you have to completely separate from someone for true forgiveness to take place....

I'm Not Ok

I want to acknowledge what’s happening in the world today. Right now. Billions of people have been talking about Covid 19 and the...

Everyone Is Hungry For Something

When my Father left and my parents got divorced, I remember walking down the aisle at the grocery store that was the “black and white”...

What's a tape player?

The fun of watching anyone under a certain age look at the ancient plastic and metal version of a music player is entertaining. It’s not...

Running or Resting | You Decide

Are we running away from this crisis and asking where is God? Or are we watching God work in this tragedy. Resting in instead of running...

Don't Panic

Right now it’s just about impossible to not see something about Covid-19 and the coronavirus everywhere. But the question is, what are...

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With an engaging writing and speaking style, Tony Mosti has been offering thoughts and writing hope filled posts for social media. Here are some of those posts below.

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Normal Is Over

🛑 Are you feeling alone right now? Are you wondering when this will end. Me too. We all hope soon, but let me call attention to something we are all noticing together. 

🚦Normally this 4 way stop at this time when I run 🏃 is BUSTLING with cars 🚙 trying to get to the school 🏫 on time and drop kids off. Running to work right after, and zooming around with rude gestures and yelling at each other in the grips of road rage 😡. Horns blazing and middle fingers flying. I see it. I saw it. Now. Today and for the last few weeks... silence. No one. No anger. No hate. No vitriol. So what is truly better? 

🚧 Have we been cautioned so many times about our pace, our lives and family values that it took a pandemic to get us to stop ✋ and look up? 

I’ll be really transparent with everyone and say, “maybe I like the quieter streets and people at home with their families more than the frenetic pace of what was normal.” 

Normal is over. How we return from this to civilization again is a conundrum. Even more curious ... do we really want to return to what was? My vote 🗳—— no. 

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