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The Fruit of Aplomb

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

No that’s not a spelling error. Aplomb is defined as :


noun: aplomb

  1. self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation."Diana passed the test with aplomb"

In other words, being sure of one self even in the midst of adversity. Um, last time I checked we are ALL in the midst of adversity. But, how are you handling the challenge? How are you weathering the storm? Are you running inside or dancing in the rain?

I fully believe that your confidence level and self assuredness is in direct relation to how you are mentally able to come against the endless cacophony of negative news reports from your iPhone glare. If you have a hope. If you have a rock to stand on. If you have a future. Then you know how to stand in the wind.

As a person of faith, when I look at a single verse:

Jeremiah 29:11

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

I see that as Christians, grafted into the promises of the chosen people, we have every question answered of how we are to feel when the tragedies head our way. We have a hope… not just a little hope, but hope in Christ. Like, God. We have a future, whether on this earth or in heaven, a future. An eternity. And His plans are to prosper us. WOW! Maybe not with cash, but there are so many other forms of “prosper”. So for me, it’s a no brainer. But what if you’re NOT a Christian?

Fair question. Does it mean that only Christians are safe from Covid. Obviously the answer is no since covid doesn’t discriminate. Do Christians not care about the election, ummm duh.

So who needs it? Who needs Christ? People who need hope, a future and want to prosper.

Stats are showing that suicide has gone up 300%. Sexual abuse is up. Addiction is up. Domestic violence is up. Crime is up. And mental health is at an all time low. Do you think we may need some hope?

So say all of us MILLIONS of Christians are just delusional. Say we have this joy that permeates from a total inability to grasp reality. Say that we are good to others and christian organizations genuinely take care of millions of people all over the world because we are all just loony tunes. Imagine that all of us that share this faith cant wait to meet you, be your friend, encourage you, pray for you, hold your hand when you are sad, pick you back up when you’ve fallen, and forgive you when you wrong us, ALLLLL because we have some faulty wiring somewhere in our psyche. Basically that all of US are in the matrix and YOU have taken the red pill so you somehow have the knowledge to not be so silly.

So IF that’s the case, and we are all just this happy, hopeful, helpful and caring bunch of idiots…are you ready to take that blue pill yet?

For Christians reading this. People need to see you live out your faith. No matter the results of the election, or the stats of Covid 19, JESUS alone sits on the throne, not a president or a virus. If you are part of body of Christ, take courage and be the child of God that Jeremiah 29:11 dares you to be.

For non christians. I’m sorry if you’ve met some hurtful people who happen to be Christians. We’re not perfect, that’s why we follow Jesus. We need help just as much as anyone. But in a general sense, you’ll find that us “delusionals” are quite pleasant and caring to be around. And frankly, I’ll take the safety and comfort of the promises of God within the “matrix” any day compared to the hopeless outcome of the “reality” you are protecting. Been there, done that, let Jesus shatter my chains and got the book.

Peace be with you. PT

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